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Ruth #102 - Atlanta

Worthy Matron: Cas-Sandra Mobley

Worthy Patron: Andre Clark

Meeting Information: 2nd Fri. 6pm

Chapter Location: 330 Auburn Avenue

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Morris Brown #130 - Mansfield

Worthy Matron: Kendra West

Worthy Patron: Harry Belanger

Meeting Information: 2nd Sat. 10am

Chapter Location: 149 5th Avenue - Mansfield


Peace #146 - Atlanta

Worthy Matron: Nivia Lindsey

Worthy Patron: Jeffrey 'Tony' Richardson

Meeting Information: 2nd/4th Mon. 6:30pm

Chapter Location: 330 Auburn Avenue


Golden Link #204 - Covington

Worthy Matron:  Valencia 'Ricki' Stroud

Worthy Patron: Edward Coakley

Meeting Information: 2nd/4th Mon. 6pm

Chapter Location: 7150 Geiger Street - Covington

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Star of Georgia #378 - Atlanta

Worthy Matron: Regina Hill

Worthy Patron: Pshone Ward

Meeting Information: 2nd/4th Wed. 6:30pm

Chapter Location: 330 Auburn Avenue

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Julia K. Neal #582 - Norcross

Worthy Matron: Nikki Lemons

Worthy Patron: Marvin Whitmore

Meeting Information: 2nd Tues. 7:30pm

Chapter Location: 258 Rabbit Hill Rd - Dacula

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Vashti Grimes Pullen #586 - Atlanta

Worthy Matron: Nicole Champion-Riley

Worthy Patron: Marcus Cromartie

Meeting Information: 1st Sat. 2pm

Chapter Location: 330 Auburn Avenue


True Level #588 - Atlanta

Worthy Matron: Cassandra Banks

Worthy Patron: Antavis Grimes

Meeting Information: 1st/3rd Sat. 10am

Chapter Location: 330 Auburn Avenue

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